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Water Softeners

We've been installing water softeners
for more than 30 years

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should purchase a water softener from Carolina Water Conditioners.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Softners, Softeners, water, conditionersWater softeners make a difference in the quality of your water.  If your water has metals in it like iron, magnesium or calcium, then it's considered hard water.  You need a water softener to rid your water of these impurities.  Soft water will save you money and provide benefits in many ways.  Your food will taste fresher.  Your laundry will come out softer, cleaner and brighter. Even your hair will feel softer and silkier.  You will use less soaps and detergents.  


How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners pass water through a resin medium which attracts the hard metals, so the water which enters your house is soft- without all those hard metals.

The hardness of your water determins how often this medium needs to be cleaned or regenerated. This is done by agitating the resin with water and salt.  The resin drops the hard water conditioners, softeners, water systemsmetals and attracts the salt.  Then the salt is rinsed clean.  This is called back-washing and it's the way that a water softener gets rid of all the hard metals that it has collected from your water supply.  They just go down the drain and not into the water you use in your house.  All back-washing is controlled by a metered clock.  This allows the soft water needs of your family to be met safely while saving you money.  Contact Carolina Water Conditioners and we'll provide a system that will meet your needs.

Carolina Water Conditioners Softeners

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