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Deionized Water by Carolina Water Condioners

Deionizations is the process which removes the negative ions from water, thus decreasing its conductivity.  This is very beneficial in the industrial sector.  It is especially helpful in the production of technical parts.  IBM has used Deionized water provided by Carolina Water Conditioners for years.  The nick name for Deionized water is DI.

A portable system allows you to meet your needs more effectively.  You can get a deionizer system put on one part of you production line or on your whole water system.  The tanks are changed periodically, usually once a month, to maintain high quality water.

The resin in the DI tanks are specially charged and mixed to produced the desired lack of conductivity.  This is done by our lab technition Rocky Heaton.  He has been supplying DI water to companies like IBM, E.I. Dupont, Micron Electronics and many more for more than ten years.

For a free consultation of what Carolina Water Conditioners can do for you, e-mail us at contact contact@CarolinaWater.com .  Make sure to include your location and your specific needs.

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